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DIY is the new black, and Natalie of Crème de la Craft is our craftastic teacher of choice. I love the idea of being crafty, but I’m always stumped when it comes to what to make, and most of the time, Martha (Stewart, of course) would not be very proud of the outcome. This is why Crème de la Craft is definitely on my bookmarks bar. With ideas and clear steps on how to turn everyday objects into super cute things like jewelry, ipad cases, cosmetic containers and more, this blog is a gem! Natalie is not only a craft genius, but she is sweet and professional. Everything about Crème de la Craft is tasteful, chic, and fresh. Melody and I contacted Natalie as fans of her blog to pick her brain and spend a day in her world. She responded with an invitation to one of her awesome craft classes. Let’s just say when we arrived, the set-up of the class was exactly what we expected from a Crème de la Craft event. A perfectly designed table in the woods welcomed us, and we almost ditched the camera to join. The project Natalie was introducing was DIY coasters made out of basic ceramic tile and decorative paper. The results were amazing, and the process was fun! For detailed step-by-step instructions, this project will be posted on Creme de la Craft next Tuesday, June 18th.  Everyone had a great time while Natalie helped them every step of the way. As a teacher, I give her teaching skills an A+, without a doubt. Crème de la Craft has been featured in seven magazines and hundreds of top websites including The Huffington Post, Glamour, Buzzfeed, Refinery 29, Craft, All You and Babble. As if writing an amazing blog wasn’t enough, Natalie teaches crafts at special events including kids’ birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, and corporate events! Find out how you can have Crème de la Craft be a part of your next event here. It was a pleasure getting to know Natalie and getting a behind-the-scenes look at a blog we love! Continue reading to get better acquainted with Natalie, and see some of the shots we took on our craft-filled day. You’ll also find steps on how to make her amazing DIY coasters below…keep scrolling!

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