Celebrating Simplicity {A Makeup-Free Portrait Session With Miss Maven}

In a society that spends more time learning tips and tricks on how to alter, hide, and literally reconstruct flaws, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for many, especially young girls, to focus on anything but their imperfections. Through photography, we’ve realized that standing in front of the camera is quite a vulnerable thing, especially with the escalating pressure to be perfect. A major discovery we stumbled upon early on was that nothing is more photogenic than confidence. This selfie society is not only promoting vanity, but also leaving very little room for the acceptance of flaws and the severely endangered species we call self-confidence. Promoting perfection isn’t a new fad. We’ve seen in it magazines and television since the prehistoric era, but the epidemic stems from the fact that this intense pressure to look “flawless” has trickled down from celebrities into the general population. When planning this photo session with our favorite blogger, the lovely Miss Maven suggested that we opt for the natural look. We thought the no-makeup route was a brilliant idea. What makes the direction for this shoot extra special is that many of you know Teni Panosian as an amazing beauty guru. For those of you who follow Teni, you know that she is great at what she does and definitely knows more than a thing or two about all things beauty. However, beyond her tasteful beauty tips, Miss Maven uses her platform to celebrate simplicity, authenticity, and compassion. This photo session was open, honest, and a refreshing celebration of embracing ourselves, as we are. Miss Maven dropped by Candid to reflect on our shoot… here’s what she had to say: 

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]”This concept was important to me because we so rarely have the courage to be photographed without makeup; we color and alter our hair and nails, but our faces are where we see so much of who we are. Most important are our eyes: To an extent baring your makeup-free eyes shows you have nothing to hide and it allows people to appreciate you without the distraction of liner, mascara, and eye shadows.” [/quote]

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