Five Cent Kisses & {Valentine’s Day Wishes}

It’s the fourteenth of February and we hope to bring some smiles your way with this stylized session in honor of Valentine’s Day! Melody and I were inspired to create a kissing booth for our shoot with these adorable siblings, but since our ideas are much better than our building skills, we called in for backup. Melody Melikian Photography is officially a full-scale family affair, since our dad stepped in to put his skills to use. As an experienced contractor and certified perfectionist, he was the ideal addition to our team. We were excited to use our first custom-made piece and can’t wait to see our many ideas come to life. Check back in soon to see more sets designed and built by us! A special thank you to our amazing friend and owner of Posh Peanuts, for the adorable outfits and for helping style our booth. Now on to other great things…let’s talk about love. We hope this Valentine’s Day brings you unlimited amounts of love and quality time with the people you cherish most. Whether you’ll be enjoying your time with a significant other, your kids, siblings, parents, or dearest friends…we hope it’s a great one! Let today and every other day of the year bring you the sweetest things life has to offer (including chocolate…lots of chocolate). Spending time with Danika and Dante really made this Valentine’s Day extra special for us. Hopefully these photos will do the same for you!

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]Thanks for stopping by…enjoy![/quote]

IMG_8192 IMG_7956new2testnewedit IMG_8206 IMG_8007 IMG_8204 IMG_7929 IMG_7928 IMG_7993 IMG_8113 IMG_8104 IMG_8190 IMG_8026 IMG_8024 IMG_8053test IMG_8045 IMG_8044 IMG_8212 IMG_8187 IMG_8161





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