Nicolette Turns 1- {An Olivia the Pig First Birthday Party}

We couldn’t wait to share this adorable Olivia the Pig first birthday party with you. With holiday portrait sessions in full swing, we’ve had our hands full to say the least. We just had to take a quick break to show you the lovely details from Nicolette’s Olivia the Pig first birthday. If you haven’t had the pleasure of crossing paths with Olivia, let us introduce you. This little pig is the main character of a storybook and television series that kids seem to go crazy for, and we don’t blame them. She is super cute! Olivia also makes a perfect first birthday party theme! This glamorous take on a kid-friendly theme made it an event both adults and children can appreciate. Children’s birthday parties are getting more creative by the day, and we’re loving it! One of our favorite details from this first birthday celebration was the display of “Olivia’s rules of life.” This led us to look into it and learn that Olivia has a few rules that even some of us big kids can keep in mind. Here are some of our favorites:

Rule #129 – A little appreciation goes a long way.

Rule #19- Sometimes you just have to use your big voice.

Rule #28- I know this is hard to believe, but more of something isn’t always better.

Rule #8– Never miss a very important party.

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Olivia the PIg FIrst Birthday Party

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